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Devastating on small game and nearly indestructible, the Tred Barta/3Rivers "Bunny Buster" rubber blunt is a top choice of bowhunters everywhere. Unique "half-taper" design allows use on tapered or non-tapered shafts. If you're looking for a blunt that packs a heavyweight punch, go with the Barta "Bunny Buster" from 3Rivers Archery.

Easy to install, just push it on. No glue needed. 120 grains. Can be used directly over the shaft or over blunt points. Great for small game or stump shooting.

Available in:
  • 1/4" Blue (Fits: Axis and Beman MFX carbon shafts and all other 1/4" OD shafts.)
  • 5/16" Red (Fits: All 5/16" OD carbon and wood shafting as well as 20 and 21 series aluminum shafting.)
  • 11/32" Black (Fits 11/32" wood and all 21 and 22 series aluminum shafting.)
  • 23/64" Green (Fits 23'64" wood and all 23 series aluminum shafting.)
  • $1.75ea - 11/32 In Stock 
Four-blade stainless steel broadhead that features a cut on contact diamond tip for strength and an aluminum ferrule. Bleeder blades are removable but broadhead must be shot with bleeder blade installed. Cutting diameter: 1 1/16" main blade & 3/4" bleeder blade, Thickness: .040 main blade & .020 bleeder blade.  3 Pack
4 blade 100gr In stock now
The G5-150 is designed with the "critter" in mind where the goal is to "shock and tear" the prey without annihilating it. No longer will the small game hunter have to take a backseat to his big game counterparts. Featuring a 1" cutting diameter, this three-bladed broadhead can be sharpened with a 1/4" round file in a similar method as resharpening a chain saw blade. Made from a single piece of stainless steel this head is durable enough to take repeated shots even from the most powerful new bows. Designed for all same game. 3 Pk.

IN STOCK NOW - $24.50

Screw-In Field Points.
Smooth contour for aerodynamic flight and extended target life.  Available in 5/16", 11/32", or 21/64" in weights from 100gr to 175gr.  12 for only $7.75, or 100 for $49.00.