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Solid horn nocks, pre-slotted and pre-shaped for fitting a horn nock into your bamboo or cane arrows.  Sold in packs of 12.  $37.90
Nirk Nocks offer the square profile of the old non-snap nocks, but with a nice snap feature and raised indexer.  Available in 5/16" and 11/32" - white, Fl. orange, Fl. green, black and ruby.  $2.16 (12) - $28.22 (100)
String Nocks.  Positive nocking point.  Rolled edges with plastic liner.  Made of brass.  Sold in packs of 5.  Available in Small (8-10-12 strand string), Medium (12-14-16 strand string), and Large (16-18 strand string).  Please specify.  $1.50 for a pack of 5.
Popular with archers who like a nock that snaps onto the string but don't like indexers.  Available in 5/16" and 11/32" - Fl. blue, Fl. green, Fl. orange, white, ruby, yellow, black, orange and green.  $2.16 (12) - $28.22 (100).  5/16" and 11/32" black, white and yellow currently in stock.