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Carbon Express Heritage Carbon Shafting, designed for the traditional bowhunter who wants the best of carbon arrow technology in an arrow that looks like natural wood.

Carbon Express Heritage Carbon Arrow Features
  • Traditional Look, Higher Standards
  • Durable, precision-wrapped carbon composite construction
  • Patented Buff Tuff T Construction - The world's toughest and quietest carbon arrow finish
  • Extreme toughness and penetration
  • Superior spine consistency
  • Carbon for the traditional hunter - look and feel of classic cedar
  • All internal components
  • 150s, 250s and 350s measure 32-3/4" in length (Belly of nock to end of shaft)
  • 90s measure 29" in length (Belly of nock to end of shaft)
  • $10.50 ea ($114.00/dozen) - 350's in stock
Leave it to Easton to combine the simplicity of carbon sizing with the affordability of aluminum shafting! The XX75 Gamegetter gives you the best of both worlds with a state-of-the-art aluminum shaft that blends strength, flexibility, and affordability into a knock-out package!

If you've been shooting aluminum shafts, then you'll still be able to pick your favorite size. 500=2016 (10.6 grains per inch). 400=2117 (12 grains per inch). 340=2315 (11.7 grains per inch). 300=2317 (13.3 grains per inch).

Plus, you'll benefit from the strength of the XX75 alloy... 96,000 psi. The Gamegetter's UNI Bushing also allows you to adjust nock alignment. The XX75 Gamegetter is easy to tune, and comes with the Super Nock installed, and inserts are included. The Gamegetter also accepts Bohning Signature Nocks.

The simplicity of carbon sizing and the affordability of aluminum shafting! The XX75 Gamegetter is the perfect shaft for any shooter, whether you prefer recurve, longbow, or compound.

On the range or in the woods, you've got game with the Gamegetter!

$5.25ea ($56.00/dozen)

If you're a bowhunter looking for reasonably priced, precision arrow shafts take a look at the XX75 Gamegetter II from Easton Archery. They're a no-nonsense aluminum arrow shafts for all types of bow hunting and target archery shooting. With all the shaft sizes available, it's easy to match XX75 Gamegetter II's to any longbow or recurve bow.
These are dozen packs of full length uncut Easton XX75 Gamegetter II aluminum shafts available in: 1916, 2016, 2018, 2115, 2117, 2216, and 2219. Please order by shaft size.
Inserts included. Points and nocks sold separately.
$4.75ea ($52.00/dozen)

New ST Epic has the benefit of a smaller diameter, and HP inserts add a new level of accuracy in a durable carbon package.

Sizes 500, 400, 340, 300

  • "H" Nock-Installed
  • HP Insert-Included
  • Points and broadhead adapter rings-Sold separately
  • Straightness: +/-005" Guaranteed max
  • High-strength carbon-composite fibers
  • Weight tolerance: +/-.0 grains
  • Black, micro smooth finish

500's in stock now

$7.90 each