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The Damascus glove is different from our other full palm design gloves because it has a thinner leather, made from doe skin, that allows the bowhunter to have a better "feel" of the string. The tips are reinforced to improve longevity.

  • Soft leather
  • Reinforced tips
  • Full palm design

$20.00 In Stock

Great for kids just starting to shoot bows and arrows and used by many adults as well. Just slide them on your bowstring and they not only protect sensitive fingers, they help keep the arrow on the sting and allow accurate arrow positioning time and time again. "No-Gloves" are impervious to all weather conditions and since they're attached to the bowstring, you can't forget, or lose them. Install these soft rubber "No-Glove", finger savers, on your bowstrings and you'll never need a glove or a tab again! Perfect for all youth archery and all bowfishing set-ups! 
The NEW "Dura-Glove" is sure to become your favorite shooting glove. Same comfortable full-palm leather design as in the best-selling Deerskin Berlin Glove but with an innovative twist. The three shooting fingers are faced with rugged Cordura®. Cordura® wears like iron and strings fly off its super-slick surface. These gloves will outlast all-leather gloves by a long shot! Try a "Dura-Glove" today, it may be the last shooting glove you ever have to buy...

  • Deerskin Leather Body
  • Cordura® Reinforced Tips
  • Super Smooth Releases
  • Outlasts All-Leather Gloves
  • $28.00

(have one large in stock that I tried out last year.  Still in fantastic condition.  $20.00)

Stretch Leather Armguard.  7" length.  Light and comfortable.  Newly designed stretch cord attachment.  $18.75. .