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The sport of archery is growing by leaps and bounds.  Young, or simply young at heart, call all take advantage of the fun and benefits of archery.  We invite you to learn more about it, and Bow Sinister Archery can help you do that.


Explore our site and view the products we have available.  The items displayed on this website represent only a portion of what we have to offer.  From archery supplies to custom leatherwork, including armour, you'll find that we offer more than your average archery store.




Even at first glance, you can tell this bow is different... Its lighter, faster, and quieter than any other bow in its class... Its slim lines and heavy radiuses minimize the mass weight, while its uniquely engineered bridging makes it one of the stiffest risers developed to date.

The new Alien-X comes standard with a newly designed 5 layer multi-laminated limb and the lightning fast Hybrix Cam, together producing speeds upward of 340 fps, while the Rytera STS system kills any vibration before it starts.

The new 2009 Alien-X, truly a new breed of bow!

  • Ultra speed, with absolutely ZERO shock, making
    the Alien-X one of the smoothest shooting bows ever.

  • Real IBO speed of the Hybrix Duo Cam System is
    330 to 340 FPS and still has a great smooth draw.

  • Extremely light and strong.

  • Specs (approximate)

- 3.5 lbs.
- 31.5" axle to axle
- 7" brace height
- Draw weights 50#, 60#, 70#
- Draw modules from 26" to 30"

  • Available with the Hybrix Hybrid Duo Cam System
    or the Tranz Cam Single Cam System.

$805.00 (dual)

$748.00 (single)