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The smooth draw of a perimeter weighted cam system and a compact parallel limb design minimize recoil and maximize your deadly precision.
Equipped with limb-mounted String Cushions™ and all-new D-amplifiers™, the only thing you'll hear on release is the hushed whisper of pass-through power.
Draw Weight 40-70 lbs.
IBO rated arrow speed up to 310 fps provide plenty of power to pass through game; and with 75% let-off, targeting is no sweat! Limb-mounted String Cushions™ and Cable-X Silencers™ ensure a hushed shot. The X3 includes a premium walnut grip and a perimeter weighted cam for ultra-smooth performance and keeps it all under 4 lbs.
Draw Weight 40-70 lbs.
In addition to the performance-enhancing perimeter weights, Menace™ cams provide ultra-wide draw length adjustability ranging from 17 to 30 inches with incremental draw weight adjustability up to 52 lbs. This kind of flexibility, coupled with a physical weight of only 2.92 lbs., makes the affordable Menace™ a bow your whole family will love. Shoot it to believe it!
Draw Weight 16-52 lbs.
Built with a strong, yet fully machined riser, it's never cast or extruded. Parallel limbs and a perimeter weighted cam produce lightning fast speeds and virtually no recoil. The Journey™ is so quiet you'll hear the sound of your adrenaline pumping thanks to limb-mounted String Cushions™. With 80% let-off and an IBO rating of up to 315 fps, you can aim with absolute confidence.
Draw Weight 40-80 lbs.